INzone was established on September 28, 1981 as the Greater Indianapolis Foreign Trade Zone, Inc. This 501(c)6 non-profit organization is the Administrator of the Grant of Authority for the federal Foreign-Trade Zone program in Central Indiana, on behalf of the Indianapolis Airport Authority.

INzone is here to help businesses and economic development partners better understand the program and how to access its benefits. We are happy to visit you or your group to share information to help you decide whether the program is right for your business or business partners.

If you do business internationally, the Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) program might save you time, money and inefficiencies. Depending on the company and the type of activities you wish to do, benefits to the FTZ program might include Duty Deferral or Duty Aversion – Imports may be admitted and held in a foreign-trade zone without paying U.S. Customs duties. Customs duties are paid only when imported merchandise is shipped into U.S. Customs territory. This benefits the cash flow operation of the business. Items leaving the U.S. are never subject to import taxes. Items can be transferred between FTZs without being subjected to taxes.

For more information on Foreign Trade Assistance contact:

Kent Ebbing

General Manager


Building successful businesses, generating job opportunities, and providing a higher standard of living.
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