Join our Board of Directors

The Lawrence County Economic Growth Council mission is to build successful businesses, generate job opportunities, and to provide a higher standard of living.
Business executives, elected officials, community leaders, and entrepreneurs work together to shape the future of Lawrence County by attracting and retaining higher-paying jobs and creating a successful business climate. This group of professionals meet on a regular basis to review and discuss changes, challenges, and opportunities for Lawrence County. Monthly board meetings provide members a platform to help guide growth opportunities, workforce development, and businesses support for those operating in Lawrence County.
Joining the board for the Lawrence County Growth Council indicates your investment in our community, your passion & interest for Lawrence County and its residents, and a desire to make a difference by participating in decision making processes.

If you think that you share in our overall objective of bettering the economic climate of Lawrence County and would like to join the Board of Directors, please contact us for available sponsorship levels and benefits.”

Building successful businesses, generating job opportunities, and providing a higher standard of living.
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